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We WOW You In How FAST you Learn!

The Miracle Atlanta Piano School is One of the top Music Schools In Atlanta and The State of Georgia. 

The School offers Lessons that are taught by the most skilled professionals on the piano. As A Music Institute, You learn at your own pace, and the creative music you make will surprise even you.

The Music Lessons At The Miracle Atlanta Piano School make it stand out from even colleges and universities in the area, because your lessons are taught by one of the most learned professionals in the industry when it comes to conveying a musical concept and helping you learn how to play it on the piano.

We value speed of learning. And what this means is that at the Miracle Atlanta Piano School you will learn quickly- probably faster than any institute of music in the atlanta georgia area and perhaps the state.

Our students enjoy their music​​​​​​​ program and our professional teachers enjoy it when their students