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About The Miracle Atlanta Piano School  Founder

Our Founder Has Over 10 years experience teaching the Piano and has Taught over 347 Students Music​​​​​​​ and How To Play The Piano​​​​​​​. His oldest student has been 72 and his youngest student was 4 years old. Certainly you fit somewhere in there. He loves teaching piano lessons​​​​​​​ in Atlanta, including the Gwinnett, Dekalb and Fulton County areas!

We're happy to be serving the Atlanta Area with Piano Lessons ​​​​​​​at this time.

We Help You Play The Piano Easily.

When you As a Parent Commit To Private Piano Lessons in Atlanta​​​​​​​ and it's surrounding areas for your child or maybe even yourself you'll discover that this may be the best opportunity that you could have EVER given yourself .

Our Private Lessons​​​​​​​ Are Highly Rated! Our Music Teachers Are Even More Highly Rated!

We are available by phone to answer your questions and to set up your private piano lessons in  Atlanta, Georgia and it's Surrounding Areas 

What you're not good at music? That's cool. We use a great proprietary technique developed by our founder to assist even the most challenged student to excel by leaps and strides on the piano.

We keep a tight schedule so you would need to sign up for our affordable  private piano lessons with our music teachers​​​​​​​ as quickly as possible.